TAMC Timeline


Wendell Addington

Wendell Addington becomes president of the Federation for Cooperative Housing (FCH), where he supervised the development/acquisition of 24,659 dwelling units in 19 states.

Before this, Wendell conducted a nationwide housing intern program for Ford Foundation, drafted legislation for Michigan State Housing Development Authority, and served as an expert housing witness on behalf of the US Government.

He also served as Secretary for the National Association of Housing Cooperatives, a member of the National Council on Aging, the National Institue of Senior Housing, the National Association for Senior Living Industries, and the Gerontological Society of America.

Dennis Varian

Dennis Varian joins FCH with decades of experience as a housing executive, formerly an officer at Multicon Properties Inc. and Urban Research Coordinators. He was Executive Director of Michigan Housing Associates, President of Michigan Association of Housing Cooperatives, and served on the Code and Legislative Committee of the Greater Detroit Chamber of Commerce.

He has been a member of the National Association of Housing & Redevelopment Officials, the Michigan Society of Planning Officials, and the President of Associated Management Companies.


Wendell and Dennis leave FCH to become the principals of Housing & Finance Associates with a simple but powerful mantra, “A Great Place to Live at a Price You Can Afford.” They would go on to achieve this without compromising their high integrity.

A word about the H&FA logo…

Housing is symbolized by the roofline;

Finance is symbolized by the bottom line, the ultimate financing consideration;

Associates are typified by the circle, the traditional symbol of people working together.

Westgate Tower

Wendell and Dennis open their first apartment community Westgate Tower. Together, they would develop affordable housing communities in Pennsylvania, New York, and Michigan.

An H&FA Retirement Community combined individual apartments with extensive facilities for social, health maintenance, and recreational programs. Through the cooperation of the State Housing Finance Agency and the city, H&FA would enable seniors of average means to enjoy the lifestyle they deserve.


Clio Addington

Wendell’s daughter Clio Addington joins the firm

Lenora Addington and First 12

The first of 12 retirement communities open

Lease-up was by Lenora Addington, the wife of Wendell


Kathleen Varian

Kathleen Varian joins the firm, the daughter of Dennis

Wendell Passes Away



We officially become: The Associated Management Company blue gold logo

Dennis Retires

Dennis retires from day-to-day operations


Morgan Addington-Hodge

Wendell’s granddaughter Morgan Addington-Hodge joins the firm

Kathleen, Clio, and Susan

Kathleen & Clio join with Vice President Susan Carroll to purchase majority of firm from Dennis


Lenora Addington Hanks

Wendell’s granddaughter Lenora Addington Hanks joins the firm in a fast track leadership role

50 Years

We celebrate 50 years of the Associated Family


The Fair Housing Leadership Award

Under the leadership of Dennis, Associated Management was the first corporation to be awarded The Fair Housing Leadership Award by the Fair Housing Center of Detroit (FHC).

Michigan Housing Council

Dennis and Wendell were founding members of the Michigan Housing Council and were instrumental in the success of the organization. They both served as President and Chairman.


Limited Partners

TAMC because limited partners in some of the communities they manage

Affordable Housing Warrior

Dennis was recognized as an “Affordable Housing Warrior” by the Michigan Housing Trust Fund. He also received the prestigious For-Profit Developer of the Year (the Peterson Award) from the Great Lakes Capital Fund in 2003.


Detroit Metropolitan Association

TAMC was a charter member of the Detroit Metropolitan Association.

Company Day


Award Winning

2004 was the start of TAMC and our communities have winning more than 36 Detroit Metropolitan Apartment Association (DMAA) PRISM Awards, 61 Property Management Association of Michigan (PMAM) GLAStar Awards including Senior Community of the Year, Affordable Community of the Year, Excellence in Education Awards and Management Company of the Year.

Michigan Broker

TAMC because a Michigan Real Estate Brokerage


President of DMAA

Clio served as President of The Detroit Metropolitan Apartment Association

President of PMAM

Clio served as president of the Property Management Association of Michigan


Susan Carroll

Susan Carroll joined TAMC

Vice-President of DMAA

Kathleen served as Vice President of The Detroit Metropolitan Apartment Association


Lifetime Achievement

Dennis was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the PMAM.

Susan was promoted to Vice President



2019 TAMC became an IREM AMO

President of PMAWM and PMAM

Duy served as President of the Property Management Association of West Michigan and the Property Management Association of Michigan


Women-Owned Company

TAMC becomes a woman-owned company headed by the daughters of the original founders